Shooting out a text message is really easy and convenient, but text messages are also read sometimes in the wrong context, here are five text messages not send if you just started dating someone!

If you're like me, you send quick texts saying "Hi!" or "OMW!" Sweet and to the point. But some people get carried away, especially when they first start dating someone. Here are the five text messages that might just freak him or her out!

"I can't stop thinking about you!" This is a stalker text, super creepy!

"We need to talk." This text never looks positive, it puts receiver on guard!

"I feel that we're stuck in a rut." If you've been hanging out with someone for a while and you send that text, you will be broken up with in days!

“Guess who I just ran into, my ex” Bringing up the past is always uncomfortable, and of course your new special friend will text back "Umm where?"

Anything that begins with “My mom said that we should…” Any guy or girl getting this text would roll there eyes and start to ignore everything you ever text!

What is the no-no text that you have sent that you really wish you did not?