One can't help but wonder about the safety of amusement rides at traveling carnivals. Yet, they typically come and go without incident. That wasn't the case on Sunday when 13 people were injured on a carnival ride in Norwalk, Connecticut. The rotating swing ride suddenly stopped sending riders crashing into each other.Fortunately, the injuries were not life-threatening, however, amusement park accidents don't always turn out this way.

Over the years, amusement park and carnival ride accidents have caused injury and sometimes, even death. Let's face it. Part of the thrill is often times the element of danger. I remember as a kid feeling the terror of the possibility of death and danger. I got over it, and for years enjoyed the chills and thrills. I think now I'm reverting back to my childhood. I would rather feel safe than terrified.

Here's a look at some amusement park rides gone bad - caught on tape!