It's a divisive issue in this country - should a terminally ill person be allowed to choose when and how they die? Brittany Maynard, suffering from terminal brain cancer elected to move to a state that will allow her to die with dignity.

Brittany's is a heart-breaking story - a 29 year old woman told she has just six months to live. And not just that she is going to die in six months, but die a horrible death. Next month, Brittany will end her own life by taking medication prescribed by her doctor, that will enable her to die peacefully and with dignity.

The Maynard's moved to Oregon, one of five states that authorize aid in dying. The others are Washington, Montana, Vermont, and New Mexico. Currently, Compassion and Choices campaigns in support of aid in dying are underway in five other states, including Colorado.

Should Colorado pass a Death With Dignity Act? Would you support a terminally ill friend who chose to go this route to end their life and suffering?  It is something to think about. Since 1997, more than 1100 people in Oregon have had prescriptions written under the act, and more than 750 have used those prescriptions to help them die.

Consider if this was you....or a spouse, or a parent who was facing a horrible and painful death. Would you deny them this option?

We want to know how you feel about his important and sensitive subject .Take the poll below, and feel free to leave a comment.

UPDATE: The Associated Press on Yahoo reports Brittany Maynard died peacefully Saturday in her bedroom after taking the lethal drugs available under Oregon's Death With Dignity Law. Maynard was 29.