Western Colorado

Western Colorado Deep Snow of Yesteryear [PHOTOS]
Today's snowfall created its fair share of difficulties for residents of Western Colorado. Imagine dealing with similar conditions in the days before 4-wheel drive and snow blowers. Enjoy some of Daily Sentinel photographer Bob Grant's images of Western Colorado from 1947 to 1949.
Western Colorado Snowstorms Blowing in From the Past
Those who have lived in Western Colorado for only a few years probably figure the area to be free of harsh Winters and heavy snowfall.  However, speaking as someone whose family has lived here for generations, it does in fact snow, sometimes even a bunch, in Western Colorado. Snowfall for the month …
Should it Still be Snowing This Late in Western Colorado?
In a word, yes, it's not uncommon to see snow in Western Colorado this late in April. It is a bit uncommon to have as heavy a snowfall as we've just seen. Historically, significant snowfall has accounted for only 1% of the occurrences of precipitation reported during the month of April.