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Insanely Huge Rope Swing in Moab [VIDEO]
I found this insanely huge rope swing video and they say it’s in Moab, Utah. I can be a crazy guy and will do some wild things but I think I would need to check out where the rope is attached to before I jumped.
Some Guys, Don’t Have the Tarzan Gene Either
I claimed earlier that girls didn’t have the Tarzan gene, well it turns out that some guys don’t have the gene either. I do have to admit that I have had a fail on a rope swing. The one were the rope hooks your foot and you are left hanging upside down. Yah, I have do…
Girls Don’t Have the Tarzan Gene
Growing up in the mid-west I have been on like a million rope swings. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have been on a lot of rope swings. Let's face it. They are fun especially when you get a group of friends together and break out the camera. These girls do just that, but they jus…