Amazing 10-Year-Old Girl Jumps Hurdles Like a Horse
If this was done by anyone except this adorable little girl named Anna, it would be one of the most bizarre things you could see. However, when you combine her athletic ability with the awesomely cute way this video was put together, I guarantee you're really going to enjoy watching this.
Darling Three-Year-Old Is a Master Negotiator
When it comes to getting what they want, some kids seem to know exactly what to do to make their parents give in to their demands. This little girl could have done what a lot of kids do and throw a temper tantrum. Instead, she chose negotiation to the point of  extortion to get what she wanted.
Puffin and Young Girl Make Cute Playmates
It can probably get boring being a zoo animal, so when this Puffin saw the opportunity to have a little fun with a young girl on the other side of the glass aquarium, it was more than happy to engage in a game of chase.