You probably have heard of or experienced puppy love. Now it appears kitty love is just as emotional.

The Purrfect Together Survey conducted in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights found cats and their owners have a special bond that may make some dog owners jealous.

As for love, the vast majority (86%) of cat owners say having a cat makes them a more loving person. Cat haters take note: all you need is cat love to make you more cuddly.

The survey found 80% of cat owners believe they can understand their cat's meow. I'm not sure that would qualify as being bilingual, but it's a skill of sorts.

As for spending quality time with their favorite feline, 57% of those surveyed say they spend most of their free time with their cat and 42% would rather spend quality time with their cat than go out with friends. What that says about a cat lover's friends is up to you to figure out.

For some, the bond goes even further, with 28% of cat owners in the survey admitting they tell their cats things they would never tell anyone else. It would appear some people think cats are really good at keeping secrets.

This next statistic should come as no surprise to pet owners in general. Most cat lovers like to surprise their furry friends with special treats.

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