The street names in Grand Junction lack a certain panache, so I have come up with five suggestions for street names that I think will make it much easier for people to find, navigate and discuss, without having to explain the reason for the street names in the first place.

Let's start with this one.

30 Road

Google Maps

For those who live here or are familiar with the numbered streets, they indicate the distance to the Utah state line.

That's nice, but do we really need to know that? So my recommendation for the NEW street name is: Ed Chandler Blvd.

Easy to remember, no explanation needed, other than how KOOL Ed is.

There's one down, and you're welcome, by the way.

For our next street, we move from the numbers for a second to discuss.

F Road

Google Maps

Seriously? Is it Patterson? Is it F Road? Let's just call the whole thing Patterson Rd and be done with it. Now that was easy.

How about this one?

D and D 1/2 (Or ANY 1/2, 1/4, 1/8)

Google Maps

These all should have dignified names.

So for D Road, let's say, we call it Bill. Then the 1/2 could be Little Bill, the 1/4 Littler Bill, the 8th Tiny Bill and so forth. Easy directions, too. Yeah just go to Bill Road, turn left on Kumquat Dr then right on Little Bill and you're there.

See? Oh, and the Kumquat was just an example. THAT would be sillier than our next one.

But before I get to it, let me just say that 1st through like 20th Streets would stay the same. Those make sense.

24 Road

Google Maps

It's a nice road, don't get me wrong. But I have a better choice. Zane Mathews Blvd.

It's a great commute road, and as you head into town, radio blasting KOOL 107.9, you can say you're on Zane Mathews Blvd listening to Zane Mathews! You can sense the envy already, can't you?

And finally, one last suggestion for a road change name.

C Road

Google Maps

I call C Road. SO now we can refer to C road as: Jack Taylor Way!

Your turn! Let's rename streets!