Living in Colorado, we get some pretty weird questions. So I thought I would post a few of them as well as my responses.

Do you guys smoke pot everywhere?

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Why yes, yes we do. Hospitals, police stations, while driving, walking down the street. Seriously, though, no, we don't. There are laws that tell you where you can and can't smoke and we tend to follow those, for the most part.

How is Denver a Mile High? Does it float?

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This one is my favorite. Denver sits at 5.230 feet above sea level, which is also how long a mile is. No, Denver doesn't float. And it's not a city in the clouds like Star Wars.

It must be nice living in the mountains.

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Yes, everyone lives in the mountains now. The wildlife threw up their hands, (wait, they don't have hands) and said to heck with this, they want to live here, let's take over the city. And no, we really ALL don't live in the rarified air, just the lucky ones. The rest of us just visit.

You must love to ski


Yes. Like everyone lives in the mountains, everyone skis. How else could everyone live in the mountains? This may come as a shock, but not everyone skis. Just like not everyone drinks beer in Milwaukee. Do they?

Do you have cars or are you still riding horses everywhere?

What? Really? Granted I have only had someone ask this question of me once, and I was so taken aback I had no idea how to respond. But as the Duke would have said: "If ya got a horsey, ya better ride it, da ha" or something like that. No, we have cars, trucks, running buses, just like eastern cities do, it's just that ours are cooler.

Share some of the inane questions you have been asked and let's have a laugh!