If you own a dog, your family pet was domesticated from a wild animal to the gentle, friendly, human loving creature they are today. But there were some strange things happening as dogs turned from wild animal into a friendly household pets.

This video explains how, over time, dogs also cousins to wolves, went from wild to wildly friendly. Some of it is in the training, but it appears there's much more to it than that.

Over the centuries, there have been changes in the animals' genetic make-up that affected the animal's behavior and looks so even adult dogs still have a juvenile appearance. My own dog, Toby, is no exception. In his case, he never got past puppy - in both look and behavior - a genetic defect, perhaps.

Even with the changes in dogs from wild to domestic, it's still up to the dog's owner to provide a caring atmosphere and ensure proper training to keep your dog - well, a dog.