Saturday Night Live is famous for their realistic commercial parodies. Their commercial for New Balance shoes wasn't so much a fake commercial as it was a real portrayal of the people who wear them. Here's why.

Someone at SNL noticed that in spite of advertising campaigns geared towards athletes, some of the people wearing the shoes aren't athletes at all, but middle aged men who don't exercise much, if at all. Funny thing is, I'm one of them.

While I share many of the same reasons for choosing New Balance as the guys on the commercial, one of the main reasons I like them is they're about the only athletic style that fits, especially now that I have orthopedic inserts.

New Balance must be picking up on this trend, because my latest pair looks more like a casual shoe than an athletic shoe, but it's still the same comfortable fit.

In case you missed it, here's the SNL parody. The commercial is so true to wearers of these shoes, the only thing missing was me.