Driving can be fun, enjoyable, educational and relaxing. It can ALSO be infuriating, depressing, and frustrating. Let's make sure we follow these rules while driving around Grand Junction.

So, in an effort to reduce your stress, depression, and frustration, let's take a look at a few simple rules that will help us all relax and enjoy the road.

Don't Text and Drive



Keeping your eyes on the road and not your phone may not make who you're texting with happy, but it will help get you where you're going more safely. If you HAVE to text, bring a designated texter.

Use Your Signal


I know, I know, everybody says that. I'm thinking there's probably a reason. Oh, and try to remember to turn it off, too. Nothing worse than traveling behind someone who seems to be going around the world right handed.

The Left Lane


The left lane is for quicker moving traffic and left turns. At least, that's the rumor. If you like to cruise at your own chosen speed, that's great! Just not in the left lane?

Braking at a Green Light

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OK, so the light is green, traffic is moving along nicely when suddenly the car in front of you puts on their brakes. Why? I guess to be prepared in case the light changes, but since it's green and hasn't, it should be ok to proceed.

Just a few rules, but feel free to add your own!