What's going on?

Students Arrested: Parents, It's Time to Talk to Your Kids
A conversation overheard by students at Caprock Academy seemed threatening enough it was reported to staff and led to the arrest of two students. It also raises concerns about what parents aren't discussing with their children.
Teen Arrested For Threats Against GJHS
The Grand Junction Police Department has arrested a teenager who allegedly made threats of violence against staff and students at Grand Junction High School.
The 15-year-old student, who's name has not been released because he is a minor, was arrested after commenting to another student he …
Man's Encounter With Moose Wildlife Harassment
An amateur video of a man in Frisco intentionally trying to get close to a moose by coaxing it toward him has outraged citizens and wildlife officials saying his actions are wildlife harassment.
Bank of America Email Scam Has More Than One Way to Trick You
A listener sent me a copy of a phishing email he received and this scam is designed to try and trick you in more ways than one.
The email, which looks very much like emails you may receive when you change passwords on various online accounts, preys on victims in two ways...
Toxic Plastic Bottles
A conscientious outdoor enthusiast will naturally want to pick up trash, even if it's someone else's to properly dispose of if they can. There is one kind of trash, a plastic bottle, that is so dangerous you shouldn't touch it.
It Really Did Snow in Grand Junction
It wasn't much, but it stuck on the ground at least for a little while. In case you've forgotten, it's snow. There may be hope for at least a little winter in Grand Junction this year after all.
2018 Ride the Rockies
If you've ever dreamed of riding your bicycle through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, this year's Ride the Rockies is that dream come true.