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10 Colorado Towns With Really Cool Names
What's in a name? Well, not a whole lot if it's a boring name.But put a little creativity into it and all of a sudden, you have a name bordering on the cool.
ESPN Boss Admits Cocaine Extortion Forced His Resignation
The December resignation of ESPN chief John Skipper led to speculation of imminent harassment scandals, but the truth was far more complicated. Skipper now reveals that threats of extortion from his cocaine dealer placed both ESPN and his family in an “untenable position.”
Colorado Missing Children
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is a sad website. It's sad because there are children on there, some from Colorado, who have been on that site for years
5 Dead in NYC East River Helicopter Crash
Five people were killed in a helicopter crash in New York's East River on Sunday night, according to CNN. The pilot of the helicopter was reported as the sole survivor.