Dancers have incredible muscle control to be able to do what they do. Sara Guirado may have the best muscle control of anyone. She shows you all of it in this in her Dance of the Sword.Sara is a teacher, choreographer and dancer from Valencia, Spain. She runs her own School Of Dance there and trains others in the art of belly, flamenco, folk and Indian dances. She has forged her own styles that are created from her travels and learning of ancient ceremonies, zaar, folklore and other disciplines.

Mostly, she is just incredible to watch as she shows off her incredible talent.She has her own website, that is written in Spanish. She also has a page on Facebook, but most of it is also in Spanish. If you visit her YouTube page, you don't need to know any other language, just watch her and be amazed as she moves in ways you don't think are humanly possible.

If you know of anyone who has better total body muscle control than Sara does, please comment in the space below so we can be amazed all over again.