With the unemployment rate in Mesa County currently over eight percent, there is a lot of competition for jobs. Here are some common phrases to avoid and tips to help you sharpen your resume and interview skills making you more memorable to a potential employer.According to a recent survey conducted by Office Team, there are seven phrases potential employers would rather not see on your resume. In an effort to help you land that next job, I'm including some tips on how to give employers what they're really looking for in a resume, job application and interview.

Here are the phrases not to use and ways to replace them.

  • "Highly qualified" - Instead, list the specific skills that make you qualified.
  • "Hard worker" - Explain the extra tasks and responsibilities that define this.
  • "Team player" - Give examples of how you work well with other people.
  • "Problem solver" - Highlight a difficult problem you were able to solve.
  • "Flexible" - Mention a change in a current or previous job and how you adapted.
  • "People person" - Give an example of your great communication skills.
  • "Self-starter" - Show how you dealt with a project or problem without being asked.

Whether you're pounding the pavement or preparing for a job fair, specifics are the key to getting noticed. With so many people applying for a particular job, employers want examples of achievements and specific skills an applicant can bring to the position.