In western Colorado, you always hear people say, "we need the moisture!" Sure we can always use it, but the fact is the Colorado Mountains have received plenty of snow this winter. Here's why.

On Wednesday, measurement stations in Western Colorado showed the snowpack in the mountain valleys where the Colorado River originates is at 90% of the long-term average, and according to a report by FOX News, the snowpack is only slightly below normal.

By contrast, in California, Washington, and Oregon measurement stations have shown snowpack to be at 50% and less. That, of course, is a serious problem and many ski resorts in California have had to shut down because of a shortage of snow.

The snowpack in Colorado is so closely monitored because of the Colorado River's dependence on snow run-off since it supplies water to millions of people in seven states and Mexico. That means a lot of people affected by Colorado's mountain snowfall and the good news for those people is that it's been a good winter for mountain snow.

So the next time you hear someone moaning about the lack of snowfall tell them to chill out.

The numbers show we are in good shape with our snowfall and still plenty of winter weather left in the season with more snow on the way.