Doctor Nate McKnight, and the staff of Yes Dental offer quality affordable care for your entire family. Yes Dental is unwilling to compromise on the quality of their work, and use high quality materials and high quality local labs. Yes Dental's goal is to retain patients for a lifetime.  They realize that they need to offer the kind of quality care that will keep people coming back.

Yes Dental accepts all insurances, and are in network for most. Doctor McKnight's highly trained staff is ready to help you maximize your insurance benefits, no matter what your policy is.

Quality Affordable Care for a Lifetime

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They at Yes Dental Colorado Can Answer Your Questions Relating to:

1. Why is it important to get your teeth cleaned every 6 months?

The fact is that even the best brushers and flossers consistently miss areas of their mouth with their daily personal hygiene. Plaque is a bacterial biofilm that develops on the surface of the teeth almost immediately after the teeth have been cleaned. After only 24 hours plaque begins to calcify or harden, and cannot be removed with a toothbrush or dental floss.

2. What is a RCT?

A root canal is the inner part of a tooth’s root, where the nerve and blood vessels are located. Root Canal Therapy is a procedure in which those nerves and other tissue are removed, the canal (or canals) are cleaned and shaped, and a filling is sealed into the voided space. Root canal therapy can be necessary due to bacterial infection from a large cavity, trauma, or any other means that causes the nerve of the tooth to become irreversibly damaged.

3. How does my insurance work?

Each insurance policy is different, so it is not possible to discuss specific insurance questions in a general manner, but we can go over some of the general principles of insurance and how it works. For specific questions about your policy please feel free to contact our office at 241-4YES(4937). We have highly trained staff that will gladly answer your questions.