Pet grooming makes for happy pets and happy owners, so why don't we have it done more often?

Dogs, when left alone, smell bad. It's not their fault. WIthout fingers, it's virtually impossible for them to open a bottle of shampoo, let alone turn the water faucet on. For the same reason, they can't brush their own teeth, or comb the mats out of their hair. They say a dog is man's best friend, but, the fact is, man is a dog's best friend. They need us!

Getting a dog groomed isn't cheap - especially when you're having them do a complete make over....shave, shampoo, teeth, and nails. But, it sure is a lot easier than doing it yourself, and you end up asking yourself why you didn't do it sooner.

Shelby is our 6-year old Golden Retriever, the sweetest thing on four legs. But, she has an  under-active thyroid, and a weight problem, despite being on thyroid medicine. Because of her size, it's hard to get her into the shower, thus, there tends to be long periods of time in between baths. That's probably about to change.

Although it was like this the last time we had her groomed, I think we had forgotten what a huge difference it made in her appearance, how she smells, and even her demeanor. She seems to be a happier dog.

It can be difficult trying to find a convenient time to take a dog in for grooming --and the fact is, the whole process takes considerable effort --especially if you have a large dog. But, for your sake - and the dog's - it's very well worth it.

(Zane Mathews)

There are a number of pet groomers in the Grand Valley. If you aren't sure where to go, ask your friends and co-workers. A friend's recommendation goes a long way.

You want to find a place that genuinely loves animals, is kind to them, and will treat them as their own. Plus, of course, you want it to be as affordable as possible, and you want a job well done.

Once you get your pet groomed, get on a regular schedule that will keep your dog looking great, smelling fresh, and feeling good about themselves.