Paul McCartney is a living legend - there's no question about it. His credentials as a songwriter, band member, solo artist, and performer are well-documented and unquestionable. But, honestly, his SNL performance on the anniversary special was not his finest moment.
Maybe he was sick, or maybe he was recovering from a bout with the flu. Maybe it was just a bad night. I don't know what it was, but this was not the Paul McCartney that we know and love, as his cracking voice struggled to hit the high notes on one of his biggest hits 'Maybe I'm Amazed.' It's especially noticeable in the verses.
I love Paul and have enjoyed him for a long time. But, maybe his 73-year old voice has finally given in to the whispers of his advanced years. Maybe the 55+ years of hard singing, living, - and screaming -- have caught up with him and taken its toll.
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