We now have proof that ends the age old debate, should the toilet paper go over the top or underneath?

arguments for both over and under being the proper way to put a roll of toilet paper on the holder. Now, there is definitive proof, thanks to the discovery of a patent for perforated toilet paper, which way is the correct way to install the roll.

This patent from 1891 clearly shows toilet paper is designed to go over the top. Inventor Seth Wheeler said in his patent for perforated toilet paper,

..many devices designed to prevent waste have been patented; but all effort in this direction has been apart from the roll of paper-namely, in the construction of holders for the rolls provided with means to prevent free unwinding of the roll and cause the sheets to separate singly at their connecting points. My improved roll may be used on the simplest holders."  

 Google Patent Database gives detailed information on the patent and shows additional diagrams, all with the paper going over the top.

Now that the over-under toilet paper issue has finally been resolved, it's time to move on to more important things, like who's really responsible for making sure there's always toilet paper on the roll?

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