A dog and owner are doing their best to win tickets to the big game in February and they're doing it in an outrageously funny way.

Greg Baskewell and his dog Finley have created videos that are a mix of comedy and incredible creativity.

This proves people will do almost anything to win tickets to the Super Bowl including using their pet to help make total fools of themselves.

At last report, Baskewell and Finley are one of the four finalists for an all expense paid trip to the game, so the foolery could actually result in a big payoff.

Baskewell is a huge fan of the Carolina Panthers and hopes not only does he win the trip and tickets, but that his favorite team makes it all the way to the championship.

It's unclear if Finley will be able to attend the game. Baskewell admits if his canine friend gets to attend, the dog is likely to be more interested in the stadium food than the game.