A short video of how a dog watches a man eat reminds us dogs, including our own, can be great entertainment at mealtime.

As any dog owner knows, even the best trained canines have funny ways of showing they'd like you to share your meal with them.

The dog in the video looks away every time his owner looks at him as if to say he's not really interested in the man's food, when everyone knows he is.

My own dog, Toby, has a curious habit of looking at the floor while I am preparing food or eating at the counter in the kitchen.

I thought it was amusing he was 'praying' for a snack until I realized he figured out what a klutz I am. By looking at the floor, he can devour whatever frequently drops before I can retrieve it.

I'll admit, there are times when I intentionally drop something just to see it gobbled up before anyone can think about the five second rule.

If you'd like to share an entertaining dog and food story, just put it in the comment section below. I'd love to know what your dog does when you are eating.