What would you do if a house you were thinking about buying turned out to be haunted? These people got a glimpse of unexplained happenings while taking a tour with the real estate agent trying to sell them the home.

This 'haunting' is actually a part of elaborate prank, designed to trick potential home buyers into thinking it's just a real estate agent's open house when it's actually the home used as the basis for the movie 'Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.'

As the agent shows people through the rooms of this seemingly normal home, all kinds of strange things happen. Chandeliers move on their own, pictures fall from the wall and a mirror breaks when someone enters the bathroom.

Understandably, the frightening experience sent everyone screaming and running for the door. It's one thing to go to a Halloween haunted house where you know strange things are going to happen. It's a totally different kind of fear when you're duped into thinking this may be the real thing.

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