A nine-year-old boy who placed a disturbing 9-1-1 call and allowed authorities to hear the verbal abuse he was subjected to by his parents, was killed 6 months later and the step-father has been charged in the crime.

According to Huffington Post, this wasn't the first time that a red flag was sent up to authorities. EIght months before the call, a teacher had alerted authorities about possible child abuse when Omaree  Varela was found to have unexplained cuts and bruises.

The mother says it was an accident, and that she "kicked him the wrong way" as she was trying to discipline him. Both parents have been charged in connection with the boy's death.

How does this happen? How often does it happen? Is stuff like this going on in Grand Junction, Colo.? We know there abused children living in the Grand Valley. How many have been moved into safe homes - and how many are still suffering at the hands of abusive parents who haven't yet been caught?

This is such a troubling issue - and it's disturbing. Perhaps seeing a video like this can make us all more aware of the problem of child abuse and  more determined to protect our children from harm. If you suspect child abuse is happening, don't shrink back from getting involved and making sure it is completely and thoroughly investigated.