Finding four sure fire picks this week was about as tough as finding a parking space at Lincoln Park during any event that is held there. But, I think I have the surest picks of the week for you.

Last week I went 3-1, and would have been perfect except for Chicago's unlikely 21 fourth quarter points Sunday night against San Francisco.

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The Indianapolis Colts were in the playoffs last year. I thought they would be even better this year, and maybe even make a run at the Super Bowl. However, with an 0-2 start I'm wondering exactly how good this team is. There is no question, Andrew Luck is the real deal, but there are questions about his supporting staff. However, if the Colts are going to the playoffs this season, they need to win this week, and Jacksonville should offer little resistance. The Colts will not go 0-3.

My Prediction: COLTS - 34 | JAGUARS - 14

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After thrashing the Kansas City Chiefs in week one, the Tennessee Titans had my attention. After being thrashed the following week by Dallas, it seems I was correct to ignore the Titans initially. The Bengals have handled two decent teams with Baltimore and Atlanta and aren't about to stumble at home against Tennessee.

My Prediction: BENGALS - 24 | TITANS - 17

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New Orleans, like Indianapolis, was pegged by most experts before the season to be a playoff team, and a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Now at 0-2, the Super Bowl seems improbable and just reaching the playoffs will be a challenge. Still, this is a good football team, and they certainly have the potential to go on a long winning streak, beginning this week against Minnesota. The Vikings were thoroughly embarrassed last week by New England, and this week completely embarrassed themselves with their clumsy handling of the Adrian Peterson situation. Early on it looked like the Vikes may be ready to at least challenge for a playoff spot, but now it appears it may be a challenge to match their 5 wins from a season ago.

My Prediction: SAINTS - 44 | VIKINGS - 21

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I picked the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl this season, which means they probably won't. Still, I expect them to perform like an elite team, and that they certainly did last week against Minnesota after stumbling on opening weekend against Miami. This team will only get better as the season goes. Meanwhile, the Raiders have looked pretty bad, getting destroyed on their home field by Houston. The Raiders have better uniforms than the Patriots, but that is the only thing this week that is better about Oakland.

My Prediction: PATRIOTS - 31 | RAIDERS - 10