Lunch should never be the most dreaded part of the day, and that's what 16 year old Natalie Hampton thought too. After sitting alone at lunch during her entire seventh grade year, she decided to make a difference so others would't have to sit alone.

Hampton created an app called Sit With Us, which helps kids at school connect.  She created this app with bully prevention in mind, because students who sit alone at lunch and don't have a friend around, are more prone to getting bullied. Sit With Us is designed to promote inclusion and kindness within schools.

Students who use the app can designate themselves as ambassadors. Ambassadors can post open lunch events at tables, where others using the app can see what tables like this are open to sit at. Kids can feel at ease that they won't be rejected when they try to sit at one of these tables.

This app has potential to be great for new students, or students who have become accustomed to eating in the bathroom or classroom. The success of Sit With Us is largely dependent on students who have already been acclimated and can use this app to show others that it's okay to let new students, or less popular ones, join them for lunch.