College basketball is not the most popular sport in America - except during the month of March. That's why it's called "March Madness." It's the time of year fans come crawling out of the woodwork like termites to cheer on teams they care little about, and to pick the winners of games in a tournament they know very  little about. Then there are the college basketball die hards who live, breathe, eat and sleep NCAA basketball. The workplace is all a-buzz about the brackets with bracketeers from both camps.I love following CMU basketball and I'm a huge fan. But, aside from that, I don't watch a lot of college basketball -- until tournament time. Then I want to watch every game possible because there is so much at stake, and literally anything can happen.

I love rooting for the underdogs, always hoping for a dramatic, last-second upset. And I'm like much of America in that I love to do NCAA brackets -- challenging co-workers, friends, and family to some friendly competition. It makes watching the games even more fun because it gives you a reason to cheer for a team that otherwise you wouldn't even care about.

The KOOL 107.9 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge is a fun, free, easy way to get involved in all of the madness. It's not complicated. All you have to do is sign up, and then after selection Sunday, you make your picks for the entire tournament. You could win a million dollars. Or maybe $10,000. Or maybe a new set of tires from Big O Tires. Or  maybe nothing at all. But, regardless of the outcome it's great fun.

You can invite your friends and family to enter, while competing against other listeners - and me. No, I can't win the million dollars - or any of the other prizes. All I can win- if I'm lucky- is bragging rights with my co-workers and maybe some KOOL listeners. You can check back during the tournament and see how you are doing. Maybe you will end up calling me and letting me know you  badly are beating me.

I like to think I know what I'm doing. But the sad, ugly truth is that I don't. That's why, regardless of your knowledge of college basketball  you have a great chance to beat the dee-jay. And maybe you'll be able to brag to your friends that you beat the sports guy on the radio.

So get signed up now! The deadline to sign up is Sunday night. What are you waiting for?  It's free to play, and In less than three weeks you could be a millionaire!