I didn't really make any new  year's resolutions but I did decide I wanted to be a happier, kinder, gentler, more tolerant soul. Already I have been challenged with my first pet peeve of 2016.

You see, I don't want to feel irritated and annoyed by things. I'm not looking for things to complain and get mad about. But, I have realized that it is inevitable. We don't live in a perfect world, people aren't perfect, and I, sure as heck, am not perfect.

But, I am hoping this year to be generally more tolerant and easy going, less easily irritated by inconveniences and the insensitivity of others, more forgiving and understanding, less expecting of perfection of humankind, and to stop pushing my own personal expectations on everyone else and then being disappointed when they don't measure up.

Having said that, I  have failed to make it through the first week of the new year without having a twinge of irritation. I'm hoping that this is not a weekly occurrence. With any luck, my irritations will trickle in at a pace of about one per month.

And, so I announce my first pet peeve of 2016  and it is when people drive the wrong way in the parking lot at the grocery store. You know, when the diagonal parking is in the same direction on both sides of the aisle?

Maybe you have been there. You start to back our of your parking spot, carefully checking to see if any cars are coming. The coast is clear - until suddenly, from the opposite direction comes a car the wrong way down the aisle. When both sides of the aisle have to park  in the same direction, you don't expect someone to is coming from the other direction. You just don't.  It's an easy way to cause an accident and mess up somebody's shiny new SUV.

And, so I would kindly and gently remind parking lot motorists to please pay attention to the direction of parking so that you don't end up going the wrong way down the aisle causing others to be irritated - and more importantly so that you don't cause an accident.