A Wheel of Fortune contestant recently missed out on a chance to try for one million dollars because he mispronounced the word 'achilles.'

Wheel of Fortune is mostly a spelling game  - but sometimes it's about how you say it. Julian isn't the first 'Wheel' contestant to have all of the letters turned over and then fail to correctly read the puzzle, and most certainly he won't be the last.

The problem for Julian was the word 'achilles', as in achilles heel. Sports fans are quite familiar with the term as it relates to the devastating foot injury. Julian may or not be a sports fan, but it's possible he never saw the word 'achilles' in writing. All he has to do is say it correctly and he solves the puzzle with the million dollar card in his possession. As 'Wheel' fans know, if you have the million dollar card and go to the bonus round you have a chance to win one million dollars.

The next time Julian sees the word 'achillies' he'll know how to say it. In the meantime, he'll just be thinking about the million dollars he might have won.