A man in an Orchard Mesa neighborhood in Grand Junction drowns his neighbor's cat. He felt the need to take matters into his own hands. His neighbor continues the search for her other cat and thinks he's to blame.

The cat went missing and of course owner, Lisa DeShazer went looking for him. Lisa lives in the neighborhood Mesa Crest Place in Grand Junction. She heard his meows coming from her next door neighbor's house.

The cat, Little Mister, was trapped in an animal trap. Lisa went to her neighbor's, Ed Haynes, and knocked on his door with no answer. Little Mister was trying to escape and made a lot of noise doing so. Lisa was repeatedly checking on the cat and when the noise stopped, she went back to her neighbor's.

Ed Haynes answered the door and when Lisa asked to get her cat back he said: "I drowned your cat." Ed returned with a dead, wet Little Mister in a cage. His defense, the cats were killing the lawn. Ed stated that he called Animal Control and they did nothing about it. He also said that he contacted a local cat rescue and different things such as sprays and mothballs to keep the cats from treating his backyard like a litter box.

He says that he wasn't aware that it was his neighbor's cat. "I wasn't out to kill anything, but I just got tired of it or whatever," said Ed Haynes. When asked if he knew that Mesa County Animal Services was investigating the matter, he replied, “Go for it. I did everything I could think of.”

Lisa DeShazer has posted on her Facebook about the matter and is worried about her other missing cat, Miss Kitty. "She has been missing since July 4th, we now fear she has met the same fate. If you live in this area please keep your cats inside, we all know how they love to roam. What Kind of sick bastard does this?,"  wrote Lisa on the Mesa County lost and found pets Facebook page.

As someone with a cat, this enrages me. I do not believe that Ed Haynes did everything he could to prevent that from happening. I can only imagine the feeling of your own neighbor giving you your dead cat that drowned just for being in their yard. There's something special to me about animals, they are family and should be treated as such. Do you think Ed Haynes should get in trouble or do you think his actions were justified?

Source: GJ Sentinel and Mesa County Lost and Found Pets Facebook