You've heard me talk about him on the air and I guess the time has come for everyone to meet my dog. Jazz, the folks. Folks, this is Jazz.

Jazz and I met one cold snowy afternoon when I went to visit a friend and found out he was in a yard with no food, no water, and no shelter. And, since I am not the kind of person who puts up with abuse, I went into the yard and left with him. And he's been with me ever since.


Jazz is part long hair Chihuahua and part Tibetan Spaniel. He's a really sweet dog most of the time, but boy does he have an attitude around other dogs. Being a small dog, he, of course, has that attitude most small dogs have. But he has yet to be involved in a fight, choosing instead to "run his mouth" as it were.

Another interesting thing about my dog is he seems to be a bit OCD. When walking, he likes to go under bumpers and if I deviate from the usual path we walk, he pulls against the lead, causing more than one amusing moment as our wills clash. Being a 5-pound dog, though, he doesn't win many of those battles.


But overall, he's the best friend I have ever had. Seeing him makes my day, and I hope your seeing him makes yours too. Say hi if you see us!