With the season of Thanksgiving upon us, we have a tendency to not only overindulge ourselves, but also our pets. While it's perfectly fine to share some of the bounty with our dogs, avoiding these three pitfalls will prevent man's best friend an emergency visit to the veterinarian.

According to veterinarian Dr. Jan Bellows, these are the most common mistakes dog owners make during the Thanksgiving holiday.

  1. Leaving leftovers where the dog can get them. Whether it's climbing on the table or rummaging through the trash, eating too much can cause major digestive problems. Food poisoning is also a possibility.
  2. Feeding dogs foods they shouldn't eat. Never give a dog turkey skin, fat or bones. Also, some human food is toxic to dogs. Common Thanksgiving ingredients including grapes, raisins, onions, garlic, salty foods and sweet snacks are all things your dog should not eat.
  3. Letting dogs chew on things that can damage teeth. Opting to avoid turkey bones but giving your dog plastic bones, antlers, bully sticks or other hard items including ice cubes can break a dog's teeth.

The best thing you can do for your dog is keep them on their regular diet. But, if you have to share, a little bit of lean meat and vegetables including green beans or cooked carrots are a good option. Just remember to size the portions as a snack, not an entire meal.

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