You may be like me, clueless when it comes to Charlie Worsham. But, after listening to a few tracks, I'm starting to get it. This guy is good!

I have to confess, I don't spend a great deal of time listening to country music, which, at least partially explains why I don't know who Charlie Worsham is. But, since he's headlining at Pork n Hops in Grand Junction this Saturday, I figured he must be good. After giving him a few listens on you tube, I KNOW he's good.

Charlie is an up and coming star on the country music scene - and he seems to have what it takes. He's very good looking --and yes, extremely talented. The guy can really sing.

For me, when it comes to music, the most important thing to me is 'can he sing.' If a person can truly sing, I can listen --especially in person- to just about any type of music whether it's rock, blues, bluegrass,  jazz, or country. I have an appreciation for real talent. And when it comes to witnessing real talent in person, I don't even care what genre the music falls under.

A lot of non-country music listening fans were introduced to Charlie Worsham earlier this year when he made a guest appearance on the TV series 'Bones', playing -appropriately - a country singer. From the looks of many of the comments on you tube, a lot of people love Charlie and became  fans after seeing him on 'Bones.'

"He's such an amazing performer! He's fun and so energetic. He gets the crowd going" - Claudiasitta

"He is such a talented singer and puts on a great show!" -Kim French

 "Here cause of Bones, staying cause of TALENT. omg :) SO GOOD." - Liv C

"Bones brought me here... and this is good stuff! " - Haaziq  Uvais

 A lot of people think he sounds like Vince Gill - and I would agree. I've been a Vince Gill fan for  years.

Though a few weeks ago I didn't know Charlie Worsham,  I do know, and I can't wait for Saturday night's Pork n Hops show at Lincoln Park.

Listen to a couple of videos and see what you think. You may or may not be a country music fan, but regardless, it's hard not to really like Charlie Worsham.