National Cheeseburger Day, September 18, celebrates what makes an ordinary burger a delicious gooey delight. Here are the most popular cheeses topping Colorado burgers.

Finlandia Cheese along with Learndipity Data surveyed people across America to find the most popular cheeses to top a burger nationwide and then 'sliced' the survey to see what the most popular cheeses are in each state.

It will come as no surprise that the cheese most fast food restaurants top their burgers with - American - is at the top of the national list. But it was another favorite that is the number one choice in Colorado, but only by a 'thin slice'.

The top cheeses for burgers in Colorado compared to the overall US favorites.

Colorado / (US)

  1. Cheddar / (American)
  2. American / (Cheddar)
  3. Swiss / (Swiss)
  4. Provolone / (Pepper Jack)
  5. Colby / (Provolone)
  6. Pepper Jack / (Colby)
  7. Muenster / (Muenster)
  8. Gouda / (Gouda)
  9. Havarti / (Havarti)
  10. Gruyere / (Gruyere)

The survey found people in the Northeast part of the US prefer American cheese on their burgers. People in the western and southern parts of the US prefer cheddar.

Coloradoans really want cheese on their burgers with 78% of the state's residents saying they like cheeseburgers.

To give cheeseburger lovers, even more, you'll find Finlandia's official winning cheeseburger recipe Here.