Remember when cell phones were just for talking? Remember what it was like before smart phones? It actually wasn't that long ago, but now there is a growing trend toward phones that aren't so smart.According to the Daily Mail, more and more consumers are turning back the hands of time to when you could go an entire week without having to recharge, and a time when the phones were virtually indestructible - as long as you didn't drop them in the toilet or run them through the washing machine with your best jeans.

Most American now have a cell phone. In fact, they tell us 90% of American adults have a cell phone, and 56% have a smart phone.

The games on those old phones weren't as high tech as games today, which is part of their appeal. Can you even imagine a cell phone that doesn't do any games?

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Some people are returning to the old phones as a complement to their smart phone, while others are going all the way, while surrendering the technology that today's smart phones offer. The older generation is migrating toward the simpler phones, while younger consumers are looking for a cheaper, more durable, less-tech second phone.

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Remember how big those first cell phones were -like the old walkie talkies!These were big honkin' things, large antenna, and in some instances weren't even cordless. But, people sure thought it was cool to have a phone in their car.  Little did they know the day would come when that cell phone would fit in their pocket or purse, and would operate completely without cords and wires.

So while most smart phone users probably aren't going to ditch this modern marvel in the palm of their hand, the fact is, there is a market for retro phones that seems to be growing. And while old phones may not be as cool as old cars, at times they remain a practical option.