My son Josh's friend Dylan can solve a Rubik's Cube faster than anyone I know. But even he's no match for a machine called Cubestormer 3 who can solve the puzzle in mere seconds.

This machine broke the Guinness World Record by solving the puzzle in an amazing 3.253 seconds. It happens so fast you have to slow the video just to see how the machine is able to move the pieces of the cube so quickly.

Mats Valk currently holds the human Rubik's Cube record of 5.55 seconds and prior to this attempt, the fastest robotic record was 5.27 seconds.

The most awesome part of this machine is it's made of Lego mechanical parts and powered by a Samsung Galaxy S4.

So if you think you have a budding engineer in the family, feel free to give them several Lego sets and a smartphone and turn them loose to build the next great robot.