In-flight cell phone calls may be on the horizon, and I'm not so sure it's a good idea. Sure it would be convenient to be able to text on an airplane, but do you really want to sit and listen to some loud-talker next to you drone on and on while you are trying to catch a little cat nap?

According to an Associated Press story at, Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the FCC thinks the rules against cell phone in-flight should be changed. At a meeting next month, a proposal will apparently be considered that would, at the very least, loosen the restrictions on cell phone use.

At first glance, it seems like a great idea, but it really depends on how far they go. Emailing and texting is one thing - it's a quiet. But, can you imagine if you had 30 or 40 or more people talking on their cell phone all at once? It would be enough to make a person want to jump out of the plane - without a parachute.

Our society has become extremely rude when it comes to cell phones, with people talking (loudly) on them in restaurants, on buses, in waiting rooms, and other public places where a private conversation is inappropriate.

Let's loosen those cell phone restrictions on airplanes, but let's keep those cell phone conversations grounded.