Here in the Western Slope of Colorado, we find ourselves always looking out for the environment, trying to find new ways to use old things. We all have things around the house we use, then throw away, right? Well, what if I told you there are OTHER uses for those things? You can clean up, organize, and help the environment all at the same time! Let's take a look at a few items I bet you never thought to reuse! (I sure didn't).

Cereal Liner Bags

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I can honestly say I have never once thought of reusing the bag inside cereal boxes until now. And surprisingly enough, there are uses for them.

Make a bag to ice cakes with. Just cut a corner out and decorate away, then toss when done!

Use during grilling season to stack meat. Just clean 'em off and start stacking!

They also make excellent bags for pulverizing crackers, potato chips, nuts etc, as the plastic isn't nearly as inclined to tear or split.

Nylon Mesh Vegetable Bags

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Believe it or not, they make excellent scrubbers. Not to mention how handy they are for storing things.

Liquid Coffee Creamer bottles

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Keep the creamer bottle for storing things like coffee, nuts, screws, sugar, pretty much anything, really. The top re-seals and bugs can't get in and things don't spill. And you can be creative and decorate them as well.

Empty Tissue Boxes

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Store grocery bags in them.

Use them for mini trash baskets on your desk or in your car, or to hold items that usually just lay around like pens, paperclips and such.

Paper Towel And Toilet Tissue Rolls


Look in your "collection drawer" (yeah, I know, junk drawer, but hey). See all those old cords? You can use the rolls from paper towels to store them in a way that they won't get knotted up or unravel and take up all the room in the drawer. Or wrap your Christmas lights or outdoor decorative lights in them. Storage and use are much easier. You can also use paper towel rolls as a knife sheath if you flatten it and tape one end closed.

Those are my five. Let's add to the list and see how much positive impact we can have!