Pack the ULTIMATE party cooler for Country Jam by following these six tips!

You might think you're a great party host, but can you pack a cooler?!

Tonight is the unofficial start of Country Jam and Saturday is the Official start of summer so we put together a list of six tips to pack the ULTIMATE party cooler!

  1. Get started Early

    • We can't stress this enough!  You need to pack it at least two hours prior to party time, that way the beer is cold, but the ice hasn't melted.
  2. Use bagged ice

    • Don't take ice out of your freezer because you need that for cocktails later! Plus bagged ice is better size for fitting in between cans & bottles.
  3. Build Layers

    • Cans first, then ice, bottles next, wine on top. You can pack more that way and wine shouldn't be as cold.
  4. Pour cold water over the ice

    • A pitcher of water makes it a slushy mixture which helps cool drinks down faster
  5. Keep extra drinks in sink or fridge

    • That way when the cooler goes empty you have more cold ones ready to go!
  6. Have separate ice supply for drinks

    • Don't make people dig ice out of the cooler! We're not barbarians...

(Yahoo! Food)