Do you want to be a YouTube star in 2014? Would you like people on the street to say "Hey! I have seen you before?" Here is a video that tells you how to make a Viral Video.This video (and other like it) have been created by Toby Turner, who has reached the status of YouTube Star (we used his work). To show you how things work, he has created the characters of Tobuscus and Tim Tim.

In this video, his animated music video guru, Tobuscus, comes in and teaches the young Tim Tim the tried and true recipe of how to make a music video that will go viral on YouTube. Viral videos are usually very "clickable", and they contain everything that people love from other funny music videos they've seen around the web. Be sure to take notes!

So we hope you enjoy "How to make a viral music video starring Tobuscus and Tim Tim (now with lyrics!)" . Then go on to create your OWN Viral Video in 2014 and become a YouTube star!