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Founded: 1984

Expertise is what they offer you on so many levels. Our sales professionals are trained to ask the right questions, guide you through our easy-to-understand selection systems, and work with you to create exciting solutions.

Questions The Flooring Expert Can Answer:

  1. My room is 400 square feet, but we’re being told to order 450 square feet of flooring. Is this really necessary?
  2. How do I keep my floors looking new?
  3. What type of cushion should I use under my carpet?
  4. I have been out shopping for carpet and every store I go to tells me a different story about fibers and what type of carpet to buy. What is the truth, how do I buy durable carpet?
  5. Can tile be installed in one day?

Carpeting Tip:

The best way to ensure your carpet's longest life is to vacuum regularly, even if it doesn't look dirty! Weekly vacuuming is recommended for normal traffic, and at least twice a week for heavy traffic areas (hallways, stairs, exterior entry ways).