It's no big secret that I am no fan of winter. It certainly help any having an extended inversion like we did this winter in the Grand Valley. I am ready for spring. I mean, VERY ready for spring. And so on the last day of winter, I celebrated by heading up to the Colorado National Monument for the morning. Wow. It never ceases to amaze.

It is so easy to take for granted the beauty that surrounds Grand Junction when you see it every day. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help us appreciate what we have.

I took my brother and his father-in-law, both from Greeley, and they were in constant awe of what they saw. Stop after stop resulted in countless photos being taken. They are both "photographers" and were continually amazed at the beauty and the wonder of the monument. Both expressed determination to come back a second time - and to bring someone with them to share the experience.

Like perhaps most people in the valley, I've seen the monument many times. And I think I always have an appreciation for it. But, thanks to this last visit, I have a new awareness of how fortunate and blessed we are to have something this fabulous right here in our own backyard.

What an incredible way to enjoy the last day of winter. Thanks to Doug and Buddy for giving me a fresh perspective. By the way, if you haven't been to the monument lately, make it a point to go soon and enjoy the wonder of it all.