For parents, sending your children back to school is both a blessing and a curse. There's the joy of having them out of the house, but buying all the supplies they need can be frustrating and expensive. This hilarious rap pokes fun at both sides.

I had this brilliant idea once of 'back to school in a box' where everything a child needed was prepackaged and a parent could just grab the box of supplies at the store and head to the check-out.

That all fell apart when I got a look at all the different supply lists for different grades and schools. It's no surprise this is one of a parents' worst nightmares when it comes to back to school shopping.

Still, it's nice to have few hours peace and quiet, which for some may be spent brushing up on academic basics so you can help kids with their homework. Or, in the case of working parents, the financial relief of not spending so much on daycare.