The first thing I do in the morning is head straight to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Whether it's a habit, addiction or a combination of both, I believe the caffeine helps the brain wake-up for the day ahead. I like my coffee pretty strong, so when I heard about a company that bills itself as the "strongest coffee in the world" I was naturally curious.The brew  is called 'Death Wish Coffee' and if the skull and crossbones on the label aren't enough, the company claims their product has almost 200% the caffeine of a typical coffee shop coffee. That much jolt may also jolt you wallet as a pound sells for $19.99. But if you're not getting enough kick from your current coffee, it may be worth it.

Comments from people who've tried it include, "Red Bull gives you wings, but Death Wish places rockets on your back." With comments like that, this coffee should definitely only be consumed by "professional" coffee drinkers.

Currently the coffee is only available from the Death Wish Coffee website.