In this video, a heartless woman steals a yellow stuffed duck from a child's grave. The stuffed animal was left at the grave site by the child's parents for Easter.

The thief, identified as Frieda Kay Shade, was caught on the video camera police had set up to monitor the grave due to previous thefts.

The parents of the child, who died in 2007, asked police for help in catching the person(s) who had stolen several items from the grave including solar lights and other toys. The boys parent say the thefts started shortly after he was buried at the cemetery.

Until recently, police had not been able to get an image clear enough to identify the person stealing items from the grave.

Shade claims there was a dog running loose at the cemetery and she picked up the toy duck to keep the dog from running away with it. Shade is also a suspect in other thefts from the boy's grave.