The world of rock music doesn't have a lot of female superstars, especially those with the amazing talent shared by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, so it's a surprise they haven't been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until now.

Not that the Wilson sisters are the only group overlooked over the years. Take Chicago, for instance. They too, are a talented group who've sold millions of records and have a lot of fans, but sadly are still not part of the elite group of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musicians.

Heart has been eligible for induction for over a decade, so perhaps fans of the group should rejoice in the fact of "better late than never". Ann said the Rock Hall Honor had become a running joke between her and her sister Nancy over the years and said they thought Heart would be inducted "when pigs fly".

Other notable inductees include Randy Newman, Rush and Donna Summer.

The ceremony is scheduled for April 18 with an HBO special airing May 18.