The debate rages on over whether the legalization of marijuana in Colorado has been beneficial or detrimental to the state. According to a recent poll, more than half of Coloradoans think it's been beneficial.

According to the Associated Press, a poll released on Monday shows 52% of Coloradans believe legalizing pot has been beneficial to the state. Additionally, 67% disagree with the sentiment that the drug has eroded the "moral fiber" of people in the state.

If it has in fact been beneficial, in what ways is the state better off. Is it because of tax revenue? Is it because terminally ill and pain ridden patients are now living pain-free? Is everybody in the state now happier and more content because it's legal to get high?

What about the detriments? Has there been an increase in traffic accidents and fatalities due to stoned driving? Have we seen an elevation in the amount of crime in the state? Has worker production declined because people are high?

There certainly seems to be growing acceptance of the presence of marijuana. For example, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra will play a series of 'cannabis friendly' fundraising concerts, sponsored by the state's pot industry. The shows have been titled "Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series." Pot apparently will not be sold at the event as it's been dubbed BYOC - Bring Your Own Cannabis.

Colorado voters said yes to pot, and this recent poll seems to be in line with that way of thinking. What are your thoughts about pot legalization? Has it been a benefit or detriment to our Colorado way of life?