The thought of the wind blowing so hard in Grand Junction that it would cause your dog to take flight seems unbelievable. However, it could happen. Just not in the way you think.

According to Mesa County Animal Services, the flights take place because the wind may blow a gate open or part of your fence down, allowing your dog to escape.

High winds, especially when there's a lot of dust and debris blowing around, can make some dogs nervous or fearful causing them to react unpredictably. Also, these winds are often part of thunderstorms and rain which can frighten your pets, too.

Animal Services offers these tips to keep your dog from flying off on windy days.

  • Confine your dog inside (house, garage, kennel) when the wind blows or a storm is predicted.
  • If you can't safely confine your dog inside, make sure all gates are secure, locking them if necessary, to keep them from blowing open.
  • Make sure your dog is wearing it's collar and tags. If the unfortunate happens and your dog takes flight, when someone finds them, they'll know where the dog's home is.
  • If your dog is missing, visit animal services immediately.

[Mesa County Animal Services]