Two weeks and counting. That's how long it's been since the temperature in Grand Junction was above 30-degrees. My dreams of a white Christmas in December have now turned into wishing I was on a beach in Hawaii. The question is, how much longer will we have to endure the sub-freezing temperatures?The answer, according to the National Weather Service In Grand Junction, is at least several more days. The December 2012 snow, which is a welcome relief to one of the driest years western Colorado has seen, has also trapped cold air in the valley creating a temperature inversion.

The good news is that mountain snowpack in Colorado is at 70-80 percent of average. Not exactly drought-busting, but at least it brings a little optimism that with some additional winter snow we may have adequate water this summer.

Another benefit is that Powderhorn Ski Resort has some great conditions and it certainly won't be any colder on the slopes than it is in town.

And just in case you're still not looking on the bright side, be glad you don't live in one of these Five Coldest Places On Earth.